Using SUMIF or SUMIFS in excel sheet


I have data in the sheet like

Emp JID Sumt 1004 1001 2 1142 1001 4 1166 1001 6 1167 1001 1 1169 1001 4 1170 1030 3 1171 1031 6 1172 1031 4 1173 1041 3 1174 1041 5 1145 1030 3 1088 1012 4.1 1123 1001 1 1102 1031 4 1122 1001 4

And i trying to sum up <em>sumt</em> based on JID coulmn, if JID has the same id's like 1001 Sumup column <em>Sumt</em> data.And result should be

JID result 1001 22 1030 6 1031 14 1041 8

How do i specify in a formula? I tried using DSUM but it returns #Value error. Is the SUMIF right formula?


SUMIF is appropriate, but a pivot table would be more versatile, updating easily when new JIDs are added


If your records start from column "A" then the following SUMIF should work:


As far as I understood, you want to sum all values from column <strong>Sumt</strong> if column <strong>JID</strong> equals <strong>1001</strong>.


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