See if a server is listening on a port in PHP?


Before answering, please note that I am completely new to PHP. I have heard it is powerful.

What I'm trying to do is have a page on my (Apache 2) web server that when a user clicks a button on the page, the server will check if a port is running on it's own IP with a preset port for each button, I want multiple buttons with the same IP but different ports to be pinged.



Button 1 (Terraria Server) is clicked, server pings and tells the user if it gets a response or not.

</li> <li>

Button 2 (Minecraft Server) is clicked, server pings and tells the user etc etc.

</li> </ul>

I already have PHP installed and working, all I need is some code :)


Attempt a connection on the port and return the result:

<?php function Connect($port) { $serverConn = @stream_socket_client("tcp://{$port}", $errno, $errstr); if ($errstr != '') { return false; } fclose($serverConn); return true; } if(isset($_POST['portTest'])){ switch ($_POST['portTest']){ case 'minecraft': $port= '25565'; break; case 'Terraria': $port= '7777'; break; default: exit; } if (Connect($port)){ echo "Server is running!"; }else{ echo "Server is down"; } } ?> <form method="POST"> <input type="submit" name="portTest" value="minecraft"> <input type="submit" name="portTest" value="Terraria"> </form>


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