Excel data checking


Excel data checking

I have an Excel UserForm which contains the following fields; date, name and work.

In the event that the worksheet contains the same date and name pairing, I want data transfer from the Userform blocked.


A worksheet has one entry:

<ul><li>Column A has the date 1/1/2017 </li> <li>Column B has the name john</li> </ul>

For the worksheet above, the following rules apply:

<ol><li>Information can be passed from the UserForm for 3/1/2017 and john.</li> <li>Information can be passed from the UserForm for 1/1/2017 and jane.</li> <li>Information cannot be passed from the UserForm for 1/1/2017 and john.</li> </ol>


Dim k As Long Dim matched As Boolean matched = False ' Loop over all used rows For k = 1 to ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count ' Check if concatenated string of date & name is unique ' e.g. '01/01/17john' If ActiveSheet.Cells(k, "A").Text & ActiveSheet.Cells(k, "B").Text = _ myUserForm.DateField.Text & myUserForm.NameField.Text Then MsgBox "This Name / Date combination is not unique, pick again" matched = True Exit For End If Next k If matched = False Then ' Name/Date combination is unique, send data to sub or whatever... End If


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