Has Many Through two models


I have two models of importance here. There's more models interacting with them too, but only these should be relevant.

class Image < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :user belongs_to :trip end class Mission < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :user belongs_to :trip # has_many :images, through: :user end

The commented out line gets me halfway there but I want to meet an additional condition of the image having the same Trip ID as the Mission.

# has_many :images, through: [:user, :trip]

Using an array like some similar methods sometimes take, is invalid syntax.

def images Image.where(user_id: user_id, trip_id: trip_id) end

Should I just do that? Or is there a better way to do it? I also tried with conditionals on the has_many but anything dynamic I put there was being called off of Image::ActiveRecord_Relation

Here are some sample records:

<User id=1> <User id=2> <Trip id=1> <Trip id=2> <Image id=1, user_id=1, trip_id=1> <Image id=2, user_id=1, trip_id=1> <Image id=3, user_id=1, trip_id=1> <Mission id=1, user_id=1, trip_id=1> <Mission id=2, user_id=2, trip_id=1> <Mission id=3, user_id=2, trip_id=2>

So Mission.find(1).images gives back the 3 images, whereas 2 and 3 give an empty array.


I think you can try like this

class Mission < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :user belongs_to :trip has_many :images, ->(obj) { where("#{Image.quoted_table_name}.trip_id = ?", obj.trip_id)}, through: :user # or has_many :images, ->(obj) { where("#{Image.quoted_table_name}.user_id = ?", obj.trip_id)}, through: :trip end

This obj represents the object of Mission class, so i have added the one more condition on images associations.

Mission.first.images.to_sql #=> "SELECT \"images\".* FROM \"images\" INNER JOIN \"users\" ON \"images\".\"user_id\" = \"users\".\"id\" WHERE (\"images\".trip_id = 1) AND \"users\".\"id\" = ?"



A belongs_to association sets up a one-to-one connection with another model [...]


It looks like you could benefit making your image table have a mission_id instead of user_id and trip_id since then you could simply say

<blockquote> <ul><li>Image belongs_to Mission</li> <li>Mission has_many Images</li> <li>User has_many Images through Mission</li> <li>Trip has_many Images through Mission</li> </ul></blockquote>


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