How to use Velocity NumberTool for big currency numbers


I'm using the Joda Money.class for currency in my project.<br /> I'm using the NumberTool for formatting numbers inside a Velocity template.

context.put("number", new NumberTool());

I convert Money values into ints for placing these values inside a Velocity template.


// 123435 €1234.35 priceInCents = price.getAmountMinorInt();

I want to format this value inside the Velocity template as below:


How do I accomplish this?

I tried the following cases:

$number.format('#0,00', $price) //Output: 1234,35 $number.format('#0.00', $price) //Output: 123435.00 $number.format('#00,00', $price) //Output: 12,34,35 $number.format('#00.00', $price) //Output: 123435.00 $number.format('#000,00', $price) //Output: 12,34,35 $number.format('#000.00', $price) //Output: 123435.00


So I found my answer. <strong>Make your own tool</strong>

context.put("currency", new CurrencyTool());



Basics created tool:

/** * Tool for doing currency formatting */ @DefaultKey(value = "currency") public final class CurrencyTool extends FormatConfig { /** * Constructor */ public CurrencyTool() { } /** * @param money The {@link Money} object to format * @return */ public String format(Money money) { // Get the currency as an integer final int value = money.getAmountMinorInt(); // Determine the units and cents final int cents = value % 100; String units = "" + (value / 100); // Final formatted values String formattedCents = ""; String formattedUnits = ""; // Format the cents to a 2 decimal number formattedCents = cents < 10 ? "0" + cents : "" + cents; // Format the units to parts of 3 separated with a dot if (units.length() > 3) { // units is above 999, formatting required //Determine the length of the part that doesn't needs to be segmented //example: 12 of 12345234 (12.345.234) final int nonSegment = units.length() % 3; formattedUnits = units.substring(0, nonSegment); //place a dot for each segment //example: nonSegment (dot) 345 (dot) 234 units = units.substring(nonSegment, units.length()); for (String segment : units.split("(?<=\\G...)")) { formattedUnits = formattedUnits + "." + segment; } } else { // units is below 1000, no formatting required formattedUnits = units; } return formattedUnits + "," + formattedCents; } }


$number.format("#,##0.00", "123456789.01") // 123,456,789.01


That doesn't work for me:

$number.format("#,##0.00", "123456789.01") // Invocation of method 'format' in class org.apache.velocity.tools.generic.NumberTool threw exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed pattern "#,"

Changing to this appears to work:

$number.format("##,##0.00", "123456789.01") // 123,456,789.01

However it fails in this scenario:

$number.format("##,##0.00", "123456789.10") // 123,456,789.1 <-- missing trailing 0

Seems broken to me...


I have tried with this:

$number.format('¤#,##0.00', $numberValue)

and works ok


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