How to set an object to context so that i can get it anywhere in the application with @Context


I want to set MyObject class instance to the application context so that I can use it anywhere with the following:

@Context MyObject object

I used Jedis which gives me access for the jedis through the above approach.

Please help in setting the context.

I am using dropwizard (jetty,jersery and jackson).


I had some time and wrote up the way to do it (jersey only, no other DI framework used).

Jersey is compliant with javax.inject annotations. The reason you do NOT use a context annotation is because (by the sound of it) your MyObject class is not a context object (e.g. it doesn't change with each request like e.g. HttpServletRequest which is injectable). So we need to bind your object.

Consider my implementation of MyObject:

public class MyObject { String get() { return "I am an object"; } }

This object needs to be available in my jersey classes (resource, filter etc). I wrote a little resource using this bean:

@Path("context") public class ContextResource { @Inject MyObject o; @GET public String get() { return o.get(); } }

Note that I am using the javax.inject.Inject annotation for this case to tell jersey I want this particular bean injected. All I need to do now is to tell jersey about this bean. In my DW application I do:

public class Application extends io.dropwizard.Application<Configuration>{ @Override public void run(Configuration configuration, Environment environment) throws Exception { environment.jersey().register(ContextResource.class); environment.jersey().register(new AbstractBinder() { @Override protected void configure() { bind(MyObject.class).to(MyObject.class); } }); } public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { new Application().run("server", "/home/artur/dev/repo/sandbox/src/main/resources/config/test.yaml"); } }

Note that I am using a binder to bind my bean. The syntax looks funky, but essentially it is doing a "bind the type to the implementation". Since my type is my implementation (I am not using an interface for MyObject), this looks like:


Now jersey knows about my bean and will happily inject it.

Running all my code prints:

artur@pandaadb:~/dev/vpn$ curl localhost:9085/api/context I am an object

Hope that brings some insights on how to use injection without a framework. Personally I would recommend using guice with dropwizard (google: dropwizard-guicey) which makes these kind of things very easy.




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