passing FormCollection to controller via JQuery Post method and getting data back…


I am having a slight issue sending formCollection data to my controller action method in MVC using jQuery .Post method. While I am sending the data via jQuery, it is not in the formCollection parameter of my action controller, well let me be more specific, it is in there, but not quite how I expected it to be in there... First off, the formCollection parameter now has 2 entries... the PopID passed in (21) plus the serialized data passed in (FirstName=Fifo&LastName=Caputo&DateOfBirth=&DateOfBirth=7%2F29%2F2011+12%3A00%3A00+AM&City=&State=&Country=&Postal+Code=&deathIndicator=&email=&gender=&language=&NextOfKin=&Phone=) What am I doing wrong here? Controller Action.

[HttpPost] public ActionResult SearchByDemographic(int PopID, FormCollection formCollection) { }

JavaScript-Jquery method to pass in values...

$(function () { $("#DemoGraphSubmit").click(function (e) { e.preventDefault(); var form = $("#DemoGraphID"); var srlzdform = form.serialize(); var PopID = <% =PopID %> var options = []; var serializedForm = form.serialize(); $.post("/PatientACO/SearchByDemographic", {PopID:PopID,srlzdform:srlzdform}, function (data) { options = $.map(data, function (item, i) { return "<option value=" + item.Value + ">" + item.Text + "</option>"; }); $("#PatientListToAdd").html(options.join("")); }); }); });

Any ideas? I am going to keep looking.


Try this:

$.post("/PatientACO/SearchByDemographic", srlzdform, function (data) {

Although I am not sure why you want to use a FormCollection instead of a viewmodel.

Perhaps you want to take a look at <a href="http://www.asp.net/mvc/tutorials/nerddinner" rel="nofollow">NerdDinner</a>

So here is your view (obviously more complex than this)

@model TestModel <form action="@Url.Action("SearchByDemographic","PatientACO")" method="post"> @Html.HiddenFor(model => model.PopID) @Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.Text) </form>

Here is your action:

[HttpPost] public ActionResult SearchByDemographic(TestModel model) { }

And here is your model

public class TestModel { public int PopID { get; set; } public string Text { get; set; } // more properties }

This way if you store your PopID in the model you don't have to do <%: PopID %> in your javascript.


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