Rails nested_form inside nested_form


I have the following models and relations:

Rate fields t.string :type t.string :name class Rate < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :category_rate_requests end CategoryRateRequests fields t.date :date_from t.date :date_to class CategoryRateRequests < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :rate has_many :category_rates end CategoryRate t.integer :room_category_id t.integer :new_rate_id t.integer :category_rate_request_id t.integer :amount class CategoryRate < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :rate belongs_to :category_rate_request belongs_to :room_category end

And I'm trying to have a nested_form inside a nested_form

= nested_form_for @rate do |f| = label_tag :name, t('rates.new.name'), class: 'grey h2' = f.text_field(:name, required: true, class: 'form-input form-control full-width-input') = f.fields_for :category_rate_request do |request| = request.text_field(:date_from, class: 'date-input form-control start-date-input', type: 'text', 'data-provide': 'datepicker', placeholder: t('common.date_from')) = request.text_field(:date_to, class: 'date-input form-control end-date-input', type: 'text', 'data-provide': 'datepicker', placeholder: t('common.date_to')) = request.fields_for :category_rate, do |u| = u.number_field(:price, class: "form-control", placeholder: placeholder)

Overall this is the format. It has more things, but to not include too much unnecesary information I omitted some fields of the form.

But I get the following error


Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 690ms (ActiveRecord: 6.1ms)

SyntaxError - syntax error, unexpected keyword_do_block ; _slim_controls2 = request.fields_for :new_category_rate, do |u|; ^ /project/app/views/new_rates/_category_rate_requests.html.slim:61: syntax error, unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting end-of-input:


That line marked in red is:

= request.fields_for :new_category_rate, do |u|

Is there any way I can have the attributes of all three models in one form? In the Rate form more precisely.


<em>(copied from comment)</em>

You have an extra comma in the erroring line. Change it to:

= request.fields_for :new_category_rate do |u|


I don't know if you need to use that gem for a particular reason, but I think it hasn't been updated for too long for use it.

I use <a href="https://github.com/nathanvda/cocoon" rel="nofollow">Cocoon</a>, and with simple form you just need to do:

simple_form_for @a do |f| f.simple_fields_for :b do |b_f| b_f.simple_fields_for :c do |c_f| ... end end end

You can use link_to_add_association and link_to_remove_association in a very friendly way too.


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