Could not extract native JNI library


I'm trying to create en .apk from the node.js command promt with:


ionic build android


For some reason I get the: Could not extract native JNI library error. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have the 1.8.0._101 of Java installed and the latest Android Studio.


By simply making a new fresh install of JAVA, cleaning the cache and not using the bleeding-edge version of node.js I solved this.


In my case - just running gradlew from the (windows) commandline - the problem was caused by a setting, probably my HOME or HOMEPATH, with special characters in it (a double exclamation mark).

And the problem was resolved by adding a line to gradlew.bat, just below the 'set CLASSPATH ...' line:

'set GRADLE_USER_HOME=%APP_HOME%gradle\user'


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