Unix awk scripting to convert columns to rows


Need help to convert rows to columns in unix scripting. My source is file system.

Tried the below script:

`perl -nle ' if($. == 1) { (@a)=/([\w - .]+)(?=,|\s*$)/g } else { (@b)=/([\w - .]+)(?=,|\s*$)/g; print "$a[0]|$b[0]|$b[1]|$b[2}|$a[$_]|$b[$_+3]" foreach (0..$#a) } ' ip.txt >op.txt input data from file: src,FI,QMA,PCG,PCC,PREI,G T PIM2016.csv,MMR.S T - RED,334,114,120,34,123,725

output with latest script:




Required output:


SRC|PIM2016.csv|MMRPPS|S T -RED|FI|334 SRC|PIM2016.csv|MMRPPS|S T -RED|QMA|114 SRC|PIM2016.csv|MMRPPS|S T -RED|PCG|120 SRC|PIM2016.csv|MMRPPS|S T -RED|PCC|34 SRC|PIM2016.csv|MMRPPS|S T -RED|PREI|123 SRC|PIM2016.csv|MMRPPS|S T -RED|G T|725



$ cat ip.txt HDR :FI,QA,PC,PM,PRE,G T Detail row: MMRPPS,ST - RED,334,114,120,34,123,725 UP,UPR,0,0,0,0,0,0

Assuming no blank lines between rows:

$ perl -nle ' s/^.*:\s*|^\s*|\s*$//; if($. == 1) { (@a) = /[^,]+/g } else { (@b) = /[^,]+/g; print "$b[0] $a[$_] $b[1] $b[$_+2]" foreach (0..$#a); } ' ip.txt MMRPPS FI ST - RED 334 MMRPPS QA ST - RED 114 MMRPPS PC ST - RED 120 MMRPPS PM ST - RED 34 MMRPPS PRE ST - RED 123 MMRPPS G T ST - RED 725 UP FI UPR 0 UP QA UPR 0 UP PC UPR 0 UP PM UPR 0 UP PRE UPR 0 UP G T UPR 0 <ul><li>Input lines are pre-processed to remove leading text upto :, any leading and trailing white-spaces</li> <li>From first line, extract comma separated values into @a array. The regex looks for string of non , characters</li> <li>For all other lines, <ul><li>same regex to extract comma separated values into @b array</li> <li>print in desired order</li> </ul></li> </ul>


@sundeep : thanks for your answer. Below script works

perl -nle ' if($. == 1) { (@a)=/([\w -]+)(?=,|\s*$)/g } else { (@b)=/([\w -]+)(?=,|\s*$)/g; print "$b[0] $a[$_] $b[1] $b[$_+2]" foreach (0..$#a) } ' ip.txt


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