How to run shtml include in php


I have dozens of .shtml files on the server which include this statement to include .inc files:

<!--#include virtual="../v4/rightmenu.inc" -->

This is exactly how it shows on the source which is working just fine.

I am wondering whether I can run this on my php code without changing it since the current files has this kind of inclusion a lot and I don't want to mess with a lot of code like this one.

I just don't want to change it to something like <?php include "../v4/rightmenu.inc"; ?>


Use <a href="http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/mod_rewrite.html" rel="nofollow">mod_rewrite</a> to route all requests to .shtml files through a single php file. For exapmle: _includeParser.php

A very rough sketch of such a file could be:

/** * This function should return the contents of the included file */ function getIncludeFileContents($match) { list (, $file) = $match; // return something for $file } /** * This function should return a php-readable path for the initially requested .shtml file */ function getRealpath($uri) { // return the real path of the requested uri } // Map the requested uri to file // 'REDIRECT_URL' could be something different for your configuration, have a look at the $_SERVER array // to get the correct value if something fails here $realpath = getRealpath($_SERVER['REDIRECT_URL']); // parse each include statement // the regex pattern here could need some tweaking $output = preg_replace_callback( '@<!--#include virtual="(.+?)" -->@i', 'getIncludeFileContents', file_get_contents($realpath) ); // output the final contents echo $output;

Of course a solution like this could be optimized by some caching or other methods.


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