How can I find an element whether it exists in a List or not using Google Guava?


I have a List<String> I need to find whether the particular string exists inside a List or not.

for Eg:

String str = "apple";

List<String> listObject = Lists.newArrayList("apple", "orange", "banana");

I need to find whether str exists in listObject or not using Google Guava.

So I need a true or false result.

How can I achieve this?


I'm agree that this can be done (and should, maybe) with the standard Collections API, but anyway, in Guava you can do it like this:

List<String> strList = Arrays.asList(new String[] {"one", "two", "3", "4"}); boolean exists = FluentIterable.from(strList).contains("two");


This is a standard part of the Java Collections API:

boolean exists = listObject.contains(str);


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