How to search for a file or directory in Linux Ubuntu machine


I created an EC2 instance (Ubuntu 64 bit) and attached a volume from a publicly available snapshot to the instance. I successfully mounted the volume. I am supposed to be able to run a script from this attached volume using the following steps as explained in the tutorial:

Log in to your virtual machine. mkdir /space mount /dev/sdf1 /space cd /space ./setup-script

The problem is that, when I try: ./setup-script I got the following message: -bash: ./setup-script: No such file or directory

What is the problem ? How can I search for the ./setup-script in the whole machine ? I'm not very familiar with linux system. Please, help.

For more details about the issue: Look at my previous post: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12544502/error-when-mounting-drive" rel="nofollow">Error when mounting drive</a>


# Is it a script or an executable ? file /space/setup-script # Show us it is readable and marked executable ls -l /space/setup-script # Mark it executable chmod a+x /space/setup-script # Then try running it again? If you know it is shell script you can: bash /space/setup-script

If still not working, then we get into why it wont execute.

grep space /proc/mounts

Does the options it have noexec ?

Try mount -o remount,exec /space now try your instructions again.

NOTE: All commands presume you are 'root' user or you can 'sudo' each command.


It is possible that you have mounted the wrong device. I've just recalled a trick you can use to find the device name of an EBS volume in Linux, since it is often different from the device name reported in the AWS console. First unmount the device in Linux, then detach it from the instance using the AWS console, so we go back to the original state. Now run this command in Linux:

cat /proc/partitions

The command will show the volumes currently attached. The next step is to attach the volume to the instance using the AWS console, and then to run that same command again in Linux. You should see an additional line appear. This line will tell you the name of the device to mount. For example, I get this output in my Ubuntu instance:

major minor #blocks name 202 1 8388608 xvda1 202 80 8388608 xvdf

The first line was already there before I attached the volume, so I know this is my root volume. The second line is the one that appeared, so in this case, the device to mount would be /dev/xvdf.


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