Django: Migrating from MEDIA_URL to STATIC_URL


Since Django 1.3 the concept of STATIC_URL has been introduced to separate use media files from css and js files.

I have set my STATIC_ROOT = '/home/user/project/static/' and STATIC_URL = '/static/'.

In my base.html, i have changed the path like this:

<link href="{{ STATIC_URL }}bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

And in url.py I have added the following two lines:

from django.contrib.staticfiles.urls import staticfiles_urlpatterns ... urlpatterns += staticfiles_urlpatterns()

My view renders the template with RequestCOntext:

return render(request, 'main_page.html', variables)

But in the development I still get 404 when running runserver.

[18/Aug/2012 17:12:04] "GET /static/jquery/jquery-1.8.0.min.js HTTP/1.1" 404 1682

What could I be missing?



PROJECT_DIR = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)) MEDIA_ROOT = os.path.join(PROJECT_DIR, 'site_media') MEDIA_URL = '/site_media/' STATIC_URL = '/static/' if DEBUG: STATIC_ROOT = os.path.join(PROJECT_DIR, 'static') else: STATICFILES_DIRS = ( os.path.join(PROJECT_DIR, 'static'), )


if settings.DEBUG: urlpatterns += patterns('', url(r'^site_media/(?P<path>.*)$', 'django.views.static.serve', {'document_root': settings.MEDIA_ROOT}), url(r'^static/(?P<path>.*)$', 'django.views.static.serve', {'document_root': settings.STATIC_ROOT}), )

That should work :)


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