perl find and replace ../ and  


I am using Perl to replace all instances of

../../../../../../abc' and  

in a string with

/ and  , respectively.

The method I am using looks like this:

sub encode { my $result = $_[0]; $result =~ s/..\/..\/..\/..\/..\/..\//\//g; $result =~ s/ / /g; return $result; }

Is this correct?


Try this. It will print /foo bar/baz.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; my $result = "../../../../../../foo bar/baz"; #$result =~ s/(\.\.\/)+/\//g; #for any number of ../ $result =~ s/(\.\.\/){6}/\//g; #for 6 exactly $result =~ s/ / /g; print $result . "\n";


Essentially, yes, although the first regex has to be written in a different way: because . matches any character, we have to escape it \. or put it in its own character class [.]. The first regex can also be written cleaner as

...; $result =~ s{ (?: [.][.]/ ){6} } {/}gx; ...;

We look for the literal pattern ../ repeated 6 times and then replace it. Because I use curly braces as a delimiter I don't have to escape the slash. Because I use the /x modifier I can have these spaces inside the regex improving readability.


you forgot the abc, i think:

sub encode { my $result = $_[0]; $result =~ s/(?:..\/){6}abc/\//g; $result =~ s/ / /g; return $result; }


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