Out of Memory using bsxfun MATLAB


I try to implement image compression using Burrows-Wheeler transform. Consider an 1D matrix from path scanning is:

p = [2 5 4 2 3 1 5];

and then apply the Burrows-Wheeler transform :

function output = bwtenc(p) n = numel(p); x = zeros(length(p),1); for i = 1:length(p) left_cyclic = mod(bsxfun(@plus, 1:n, (0:n-1).')-1, n) + 1; x = p(left_cyclic); end [lex ind] = sortrows(x); output = lex(:,end); output = uint8(output(:)'); end

And it works! But the problem is when i try to implement 1D matrix from Lena.bmp which the size is 512*512, Error message showing that bsxfun is out of memory. Anyone please help me.


See if this works for you -

function output = bwtenc(p) np = numel(p); [~,sorted_ind] = sort(p); ind1 = mod((1:np)+np-2,np)+1; output = p(ind1(sorted_ind)); output = uint8(output(:)'); end


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