How to make a list of lists in Python when it has multiple separators?


The sample file looks like this (all on one line, wrapped for legibility):

['>1\n', 'TCCGGGGGTATC\n', '>2\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>3\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>4\n', 'TCCGGGGGTATC\n', '>5\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>6\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>7\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>8\n', 'TCCGGGGGTATC\n','\n', '$$$\n', '\n', '>B1\n', 'ATCGGGGGTATT\n', '>B2\n', 'TT-GTGGGAATC\n', '>3\n', 'TTCGTGGGAATC\n', '>B4\n', 'TT-GTGGGTATC\n', '>B5\n', 'TTCGTGGGTATT\n', '>B6\n','TTCGGGGGTATC\n', '>B7\n', 'TT-GTGGGTATC\n', '>B8\n', 'TTCGGGGGAATC\n', '>B9\n', 'TTCGGGGGTATC\n','>B10\n', 'TTCGGGGGTATC\n', '>B42\n', 'TT-GTGGGTATC\n']

The $$$ separates the two sets. I need to use .strip function and remove the \n and all the "headers".

I need to make a list of lists (as below) and replace "-" with Z (again, all on one line; wrapped here for legibility):



Here is a variation of Moses Koledoye's answer which examines the first character for > and discards any matches as well as any empty elements. I also included replacing "-" with "Z".

lst = ['>1\n', 'TCCGGGGGTATC\n', '>2\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>3\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>4\n', 'TCCGGGGGTATC\n', '>5\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>6\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>7\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>8\n', 'TCCGGGGGTATC\n','\n', '$$$\n', '\n', '>B1\n', 'ATCGGGGGTATT\n', '>B2\n', 'TT-GTGGGAATC\n', '>3\n', 'TTCGTGGGAATC\n', '>B4\n', 'TT-GTGGGTATC\n', '>B5\n', 'TTCGTGGGTATT\n', '>B6\n','TTCGGGGGTATC\n', '>B7\n', 'TT-GTGGGTATC\n', '>B8\n', 'TTCGGGGGAATC\n', '>B9\n', 'TTCGGGGGTATC\n','>B10\n', 'TTCGGGGGTATC\n', '>B42\n', 'TT-GTGGGTATC\n'] result = [[]] for x in lst: if x.startswith('>'): continue if x.startswith('$$$'): result.append([]) continue x = x.strip() if x: result[-1].append(x.replace("-", "Z")) print(result)

This avoids assigning any particular significance to the length of any element.


You can exploit the smaller length of the headers (and other unwanted items) as the criterion to filter them out. You start by creating a list containing one list and <em>appending</em> the items that pass the length test to the inner list.

A new sublist is added to the resulting list when the <em>separator</em> '$$$' is reached, and the length test is again used to add the remaining items to this new sublist:

lst = ['>1\n', 'TCCGGGGGTATC\n', '>2\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>3\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>4\n', 'TCCGGGGGTATC\n', '>5\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>6\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>7\n', 'TCCGTGGGTATC\n', '>8\n', 'TCCGGGGGTATC\n','\n', '$$$\n', '\n', '>B1\n', 'ATCGGGGGTATT\n', '>B2\n', 'TT-GTGGGAATC\n', '>3\n', 'TTCGTGGGAATC\n', '>B4\n', 'TT-GTGGGTATC\n', '>B5\n', 'TTCGTGGGTATT\n', '>B6\n','TTCGGGGGTATC\n', '>B7\n', 'TT-GTGGGTATC\n', '>B8\n', 'TTCGGGGGAATC\n', '>B9\n', 'TTCGGGGGTATC\n','>B10\n', 'TTCGGGGGTATC\n','>B42\n', 'TT-GTGGGTATC\n'] result = [[]] for x in lst: if len(x) > 6: result[-1].append(x.strip()) if x.startswith('$$$'): result.append([]) print(result) # [['TCCGGGGGTATC', 'TCCGTGGGTATC', 'TCCGTGGGTATC', 'TCCGGGGGTATC', 'TCCGTGGGTATC', 'TCCGTGGGTATC', 'TCCGTGGGTATC', 'TCCGGGGGTATC'], ['ATCGGGGGTATT', 'TT-GTGGGAATC', 'TTCGTGGGAATC', 'TT-GTGGGTATC', 'TTCGTGGGTATT', 'TTCGGGGGTATC', 'TT-GTGGGTATC', 'TTCGGGGGAATC', 'TTCGGGGGTATC', 'TTCGGGGGTATC', 'TT-GTGGGTATC']]


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