Wrong language in Game Center Leaderboards/Achievements


The device language is Italian, when I open the Game Center from my app the titles "leaderboard" "achievement" are in Italian but the names and description of leaderboards and achievements are in English!!

I use this code to show it :

GameKitHelper *gkHelper = [GameKitHelper sharedGameKitHelper]; [gkHelper showLeaderboard];

If I open the Game Center directly from the app Game Center is everything in Italian.


Your app should follow the language settings that are set at a device level, not at an app level. You cant force game/app kit into another language, the user needs to change their language in the settings.


It seems that a running app caches the localised Leaderboard titles. If you leave the app running and switch languages, when you return to the app, the Leaderboard view uses the previous language's titles. I have 4 languages in my app so I noticed the pattern fairly quickly.

Sadly very few developers have bothered with translations of the Leaderboards. So the only app I could find was Zen Pinball for iPad, it confirmed this behaviour. I think this is an iOS bug but I'm not going to work around this as very few users would be inconvenienced.


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