Creating an ActionLink and MapRoute that there is a constant name in it


In my Asp.net MVC 5 (C#) project I want to create some links by @Html.ActionLink or every you know is better like:






That Tags is constant name and after that in the URL is tag name.For example like <a href="http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/Tags/Linq" rel="nofollow">ScottGu's Blog </a>

In addition I want to pass a parameter such as Id but I don't want to show in the URL.

How can I do it?

And how should I write a suitable MapRoute for it?

Please help me.


For example (don't forget to write it before default route):

routes.MapRoute( "Tags", "tags/{tagTerm}", new { controller = "Tags", action = "SearchTagResults" } );

In addition (passing Id) use POST not GET.


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