Passing a void function as an argument to another function


I'm trying to pass a void function to another void function, unsuccessfully so far. So I created this function inside the class called ExitButton like this. ExitButton.h:

class ExitButton{ void setup(void (*_setup)); };

Then I include that class into another class like this. ofApp.h:

include "ExitButton.h" class ofApp : public ofBaseApp{ void update(); void setup(); StartButton *startButton; }

So in my ofApp.cpp I want to call the update function like this:

void ofApp::update(){ exitButton->setup(setup()); // This throws me the following error: Cannot initialize a parameter of type 'void (*)' with an rvalue of type void }

So I assume, I can only pass a void function that is a pointer? Is it actually possible to pass a void function as a parameter to another function?


This is probably what you want:

#include <iostream> using namespace std; class ExitButton{ public: void setup(void (*_setup)()) { _setup(); // we call the function pointer }; }; void setup() // this is a void function { cout << "calling void setup()" << endl; } int main() { ExitButton eb; eb.setup(setup); // use a void function as a parameter }


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