Is it possible in Spring MVC to have void handlers for requests?


Is it possible in Spring MVC to have void handler for request?

Suppose I have a simple controller, which doesn't need to interact with any view.

@Controller @RequestMapping("/cursor") public class CursorController { @RequestMapping(value = "/{id}", method = PUT) public void setter(@PathVariable("id") int id) { AnswerController.setCursor(id); } }


@Controller @RequestMapping("/cursor") public class CursorController { @RequestMapping(value = "/{id}", method = PUT) public ResponseEntity<String> update(@PathVariable("id") int id) { AnswerController.setCursor(id); return new ResponseEntity<String>(HttpStatus.NO_CONTENT); } }


you can return void, then you have to mark the method with

@ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.OK) you don't need @ResponseBody

@RequestMapping(value = "/updateSomeData" method = RequestMethod.POST) @ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.OK) public void defaultMethod(...) { ... }

Only get methods return a 200 status code implicity, all others you have do one of three things:

Return void and mark the method with @ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.OK)

Return An object and mark it with @ResponseBody

Return an HttpEntity instance

Also refer this for <a href="http://ankursinghal86.blogspot.in/2014/08/spring-mvcs-default-behavior.html" rel="nofollow">interesting information</a>.


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