Mercurial show diff against 2 parents or base during merge


Our teem recently faced with merge that removes one leaf of merge and we "lost" changes (as if you perform hg merge --tool internal:local).

This happen because we don't experienced with hg merge command.

hg diff shown only one difference, but not other.

BASE --- HEAD1 --- MERGE \---- HEAD2 --/

Suppose in <em>HEAD1</em> I merge <em>HEAD2</em> but has not yet commit changes.

<em>HEAD2</em> diff against <em>MERGE</em> I see by hg diff. It is -r BASE:HEAD2 patch.

How can I see diff between current local merge state with <em>HEAD1</em> as if we merge from <em>HEAD2</em>

How can I see diff between current local merge state with <em>BASE</em>?


Thanks @Vince for suggestion. I reread hg help diff and hg help revset and get that I want.

Assume that you at <em>MERGE</em> before commit and perform merge from <em>HEAD1</em>.

To compare diff against <em>HEAD1</em> use one of:

hg diff hg diff -r . hg diff -r HEAD1


hg log -r .

To compare diff against <em>HEAD1</em> use one of:

hg diff -r HEAD2

If you have only 2 heads in current branch last expression can be written without <em>HEAD2</em> name:

hg diff -r 'branch(.) & head() - .'


hg log -r 'branch(.) & head() - .'

To compare against <em>BASE</em>:

hg log -r 'ancestor(HEAD1, HEAD2)'

If you have only 2 heads in current branch last expression can be written without <em>HEAD1</em>/<em>HEAD2</em> names::

hg diff -r 'ancestor(branch(.) & head())'


hg log -r 'ancestor(branch(.) & head())'

I wander if there are any shortcut for second parent of current merge. For first - just dot sign...

<strong>UPDATE</strong> Hm... p1() and p2() are awesome! I rewrote my examples in way that they have no concrete names <em>HEAD1</em>/<em>HEAD2</em>:

hg diff -r 'p1()' hg diff -r 'p2()' hg diff -r 'ancestor(p1(), p2())'


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