Running a mysql query from phpmyadmin only changed 1 record. Tried ssh but same issue


I am trying to run a query to combine fields from one table to another table in the same mysql database.

I tried to execute in phpmyadmin and only changes 1 record (but does it correctly)

After research i found that it should not be done in phpmyadmin. So the only other way i know how was in ssh. Im running putty on my windows 8 pc and i can login to my server then i can log into mysql database. When running the query it still only changes on row.

So then i started looking at php's but not sure that's what i need to do. I would assume i could just run this query to go through entire table but maybe im missing something.

Here is the query im running.

INSERT INTO appfilter2 SELECT userapps.name, GROUP_CONCAT(CONCAT(userapps.activity, '/',userapps.class)) AS activity FROM userapps

How can i simply run this query to fill my appfilter2 table with all concatenated entries from userapps?


Your SELECT query is missing a GROUP BY clause. Probably you mean:

INSERT INTO appfilter2 SELECT userapps.name, GROUP_CONCAT(CONCAT(userapps.activity, '/',userapps.class)) AS activity FROM userapps GROUP BY userapps.name


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