ExtJS json store not populating


I've recently taken a dive into ExtJS by inheriting a web app written in 3.4. I've managed to create a store attached to a grid with no problem and have been able to bring up a PanelForm with data loaded from a call to a php page.

I have another json store defined which doesn't get populated when I call its load procedure and I'm wondering what I am missing.

The definition of the store is below:

var ImgStore = new Ext.data.JsonStore({ totalProperty: 'total' ,root: 'data' ,url : 'json/getProductImage/' ,fields : [{ name : 'img' },{ name : 'extn' }] });

My code to load the data is:

ImgStore.load({callback: function() {} ,params: {'ProductGUID': x} });

The code behind the URL is fine and the response in Firebug below:


What I cannot understand is why the response comes back but the Store does not populate. I must be missing something; I just can't see what...

Does the Store have to be bound to another object? What I wanted to do was to read back the base64 encoded string and then show the image on screen (on either a panel, FormPanel or Container; not really sure of the best method really)

Any advice is greatly received.


Your store needs a model. The model needs to reflect the attributes that are then being returned in your JSON feed. Only then will the data show up in your store.


Everything looks fine, except for the url config aren't u missing the name of the file ? 'json/getProductImage/myfile.json'?

How are you validating store is not loaded by binding it to a grid? Because if so, store could be loading but not configuring grid properly might make u think store is not loaded, try console.log(store.getTotalCount())


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