Advanced MySQL Query


Employees EmpID : int(10) Firstname: varchar(100) Lastname: varchar(100) HireDate: timestamp TerminationDate: timestamp AnnualReviews EmpID: int(10) ReviewDate: timestamp

What is query to calculate the longest period (in days) that the company has gone without a hiring or firing anyone.?

So far, this is my query :

SELECT max(abs(datediff((select max(terminationdate) from employees where terminationdate < t.terminationdate), terminationdate))), max(abs(datediff((select max(hiredate) from employees where hiredate < t.hiredate), hiredate))) FROM employees AS t

I do not know how to compare date for each row at same field..


Still, it is a tough assignment...

SELECT x.date, MIN(y.date) y_date,DATEDIFF(MIN(y.date),x.date) days FROM ( SELECT hiredate date FROM employees UNION SELECT terminationdate FROM employees ) x JOIN ( SELECT hiredate date FROM employees UNION SELECT terminationdate FROM employees UNION SELECT CURDATE()) y ON y.date > x.date GROUP BY x.date ORDER BY days DESC LIMIT 1;


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