Restivus authentication for Meteor methods


I'm trying to make my meteor-app for REST services available. For this I use the package "Restivus" which also works just fine. But once I'd like to run a meteor method this.userId is undefined.

Api.addRoute('addArticle', {authRequired: true}, { post: function () { console.log(this.userId); //<-- hwuqtFXf8aKperJ5p try { Meteor.call("addArticle",this.bodyParams); } catch (e) { return {code:500,type:e.error,reason:e.reason}; } } });

the method:

new ValidatedMethod({ name: 'addArticle', .... if (!this.userId) { throw new Meteor.Error(...); //is thrown }

What am I doing wrong?


In Meteor methods you get the current userId by doing


and not


So you would need to update your code to

if(!Meteor.userId()){ throw new Meteor.Error(403, '403:Forbidden', 'You shall not pass!') }


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