shell script that send email before exiting


i am trying to write a shell script that will send me an email before exiting itself


as i am running this on an amazon ec2 DEBAIN spot request and it should send me an email before the instances is terminated

#!/bin/bash sendEmailLog() { emailLog=true if [ $emailLog = "true" ];then /usr/bin/mpack -s "emailed log" -a "/srv/log.html" "emailid@gmail.com"; fi exit 0; } trap sendEmailLog INT TERM EXIT KILL QUIT aws ec2 terminate-instances instances ID

i tried the above code it doesnot send me an email before its terminated i am using DEBAIN 7


I think you might have a couple issues. I'm not super-familiar with mpack, but it looks like your syntax is correct (except the ";" at the end). Make a couple changes, below, and see if it helps.

I would use quotes define your emailLog string, although it's not really clear why you're using a string for a boolean statement that, as far as I can tell, you want to ALWAYS run. Unless you want to get an error code.


To check for equality, use two ==:

if [ $emailLog == "true" ]; then

And as I said, the ';' is superfluous.

If I were to re-write it, I would write it like this:

sendEmailLog() { /usr/bin/mpack -s "emailed log" -a "/srv/log.html" "emailid@gmail.com" && exit 1 exit 0 } trap sendEmailLog SIGINT SIGTERM SIGKILL aws ec2 terminate-instances instances ID


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