Generating TDB Dataset from archive containing N-TRIPLES files


Apologies, in advance, for a possible duplicate.

I have an archive containing 117,426 files (each in the N-TRIPLES format) that I wish to load into the default graph of a TDB dataset. Due to the large number of files, I need to be able to perform this import without manually selecting individual files for upload.

I am in Bash, with Jena and Fuseki distributions at my disposal.

If possible, I want to avoid the worst-case scenario of just writing a java application to do this. If I have to write a java application for this, what hooks exist in RIOT/TDB to perform programmatic bulk-loading?


As a genenral comment, one way is to concatenate the N-Triples files to generate one single file.

You can load many files at once with either tdbloader or tdbloader2.

tdbloader --loc DB ... your files ...

The 117,426 may strain you OS for a single command line invocation. You can pipe the files into tdbloader (it's just like concatenating the files first)

... | tdbloader --loc DB -- -

where ... is some way to get bash to cat the files (possible from a subshell).

e.g. (you'll need to adjust to file all 117,426 files):

( for x in data*.nt do cat $x done ) | tdbloader --loc DB -- -


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