why this code adds two point every time that executes


why this code every time that executes adds two point to <strong>number</strong> in <strong>a.txt</strong> :

<?php function substr_unicode($str, $s, $l = null) { return join("", array_slice( preg_split("//u", $str, -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY) , $s, $l) ); } function statusRead() { $statusfile = file_get_contents('a.txt'); // for detecting and removing BOM (0xEF,0xBB,0xBF) $statusfile = ord($statusfile[0]) == 239 ? ord($statusfile[1]) == 187 ? ord($statusfile[2]) == 191 ? substr_unicode($statusfile, 1) : $statusfile : $statusfile : $statusfile; $statusfile = str_replace("\r",'',$statusfile); $statusfile = explode("\n",$statusfile); foreach ($statusfile as $a) { $a = explode(":",$a); if($a[0]) $temp[$a[0]] = @$a[1] ? $a[1] : null; } return $temp; // changed: (($statusfile = $temp; return $statusfile;)) to ((return $temp;)) } function statusUpdate($data) { $temp = ''; foreach ($data as $a => $b) { $temp .= "$a:$b\r\n"; } file_put_contents('a.txt', $temp); } $a = statusRead(); $a['number']++; statusUpdate($a) ; ?>

this is content of <strong>a.txt</strong> :

stop:0 number:5 dor:3

a['number']++ every time adds two point to <strong>number</strong> in <strong>a.txt</strong> and when use a['number'] += 2 adds 4 points to <strong>number</strong> in <strong>a.txt</strong>

<strong>update:</strong> I changed $temp .= "$a:$b\r\n"; to $temp .= "$a :$b\r\n"; and my data saved in this structure:

stop :0 number :6 dor :3 number :1

but why?


finaly my problem solved.

I had two extensions on chrome which is cousing this problem.

<strong>1- Web Server Notifier</strong>

<strong>2- Web Technology Notifier</strong>

after disabling these two extensions my problem solved.

I found my answer from this page: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6268516/php-mail-duplicates" rel="nofollow">php mail duplicates</a>


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