force another file to define a function


Lets say I have 3 seperate files called: <strong>main.c</strong>, <strong>test.c</strong> and <strong>test.h</strong>. How could I "force" a function that includes <strong>test.h</strong> to define a function which is already declared in <strong>test.h</strong>, that <strong>test.c</strong> file can call it.

This ia a bit messy, so let me give you some code samples of what I mean.


... #define SOMETHING ... #ifdef SOMETHING inline void test_func(BYTE b); #endif ...


#include "test.h" void somefunction(void) { ... #ifdef SOMETHING test_func(integer_value); #endif ... }


#include "test.h" int main(void) { ... } inline void test_func(BYTE b) { // Do something with b }

In short: <strong>test.h</strong> declared a function, <strong>main.c</strong> defines that function and <strong>test.c</strong> calls that function.

Is this possible? How?


The user declares the function in <strong>main.c</strong> when to compiler gives a error or something that that function is not declared.


In short it should be possible to do this. Why ? The file implementing a function does not have to be in a header file with the same name. The linker will resolve any issues if any and complain if something is missing. If the compiler complains, then there is a missing header file or your header file function definition does not match with what you have in the c file.


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