Web2py: pass parameters to db Connection()


In web2py, in gluon/contrib/pymysql/connections.py there is a function that creates a new mySQL connection:

def __init__(self, host="localhost", user=None, passwd="", db=None, port=3306, unix_socket=None,

Is there any way to pass parameters to this function from web2py?


As noted at the very end of <a href="http://web2py.com/books/default/chapter/29/06/the-database-abstraction-layer#Note-on-new-DAL-and-adapters" rel="nofollow">this section</a> of the documentation, you can specify a dictionary of driver_args when instantiating DAL:

db = DAL(<connection_string>, driver_args=dict(host='localhost', port=3306, ...))


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