sending data to an intent depending on a view (a radio button)


i have an activity showing a dialog which contains radioButtons, and to buttons (Ok,cancel)

<ol><li>can i launch an activity from this dialog ? </li> <li>how to send the id of the radioButton selected to the second activity ?</li> </ol>


in the onClick() method of the OK Button, you can add this code to start another Activity and pass the id of the checked radio button :

Intent intent = new Intent(FirstActivity.this, SecondActitvity.class); intent.putextras("extra_selected_radio_button", checkedRadioButton.getId()); startActivity(intent);

and in the onCreate() method of the SecondActivity , you can retrieve the id of the selected radio button like this :

Intent intent = getIntent(); int radioButtonId = intent.getIntExtra("extra_selected_radio_button", -1); // -1 is the default value

<strong>PS : Check this <a href="http://www.android-ios-tutorials.com/117/how-to-switch-between-different-activities-in-android/" rel="nofollow">tutorial</a> to learn more about sending data between activities in Android.</strong>


Yes you can:

<ol><li>On the OK button listener just do startActivity(intent)</li> <li>Before the previous method call you have to put an extra in the intent, like so intent.putExtra("radioButtonId", radioButtonValue)</li> </ol>


To start an activity from your dialog you'll have to add this into your button's onClick() code:

Intent intentLoad = new Intent(getBaseContext(), YourNewActivity.class); startActivityForResult();

If you want to send data to your activity, use: putExtra

Like this:

Intent intentLoad = new Intent(getBaseContext(), YourNewActivity.class); intent.putExtra("radioID", id-of-your-radioButton); startActivityForResult();

You can catch your id in the activity with:

int myRadioId = extras.getInt("radioID");


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