Why does the html from template dom-if not get applied here


Consider this code:

<div class="container"> <table class="c"> <tr> <template is="dom-repeat" items="[[days]]" as="o"> <td class$="[[dayClass(o)]]"><span class="d">[[formatDay(o)]]</span></td> <template is="dom-if" if="[[lastDayOfWeek(o)]]"></tr> <template is="dom-if" if="[[!lastDayOfCalendar(o)]]"><tr></template> </template> </template> </tr> </table> </div>

Why do the </tr> and <tr> not get applied to the html?

Full JS Bin demo here: <a href="https://jsbin.com/dujekefoga/edit?html,output" rel="nofollow">https://jsbin.com/dujekefoga/edit?html,output</a>

<strong>Edit:</strong> Fixed JS Bin url


Your table row tags are misplaced, I got closer to your expected result by changing the order in which the tags are placed. Hope this helps you.

<a href="https://jsbin.com/quvutugijo/1/edit?html,output" rel="nofollow">https://jsbin.com/quvutugijo/1/edit?html,output</a>


At the end, this is what works. And I believe it's the best solution, as it works with two non-nested dom-if, and the html is valid.

I just needed to add a function firstDayOfWeek which returns true if item.isoWeekday() === 1.

<template is="dom-repeat" items="[[days]]" as="o"> <template is="dom-if" if="[[firstDayOfWeek(o)]]"><tr></template> <td class$="[[dayClass(o)]]"><span class="d">[[formatDay(o)]]</span></td> <template is="dom-if" if="[[lastDayOfWeek(o)]]"></tr></template> </template>


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