Change background color default tab on kivy


How can I change the background color of the default tab on kivy? I'm able to change the background of the content and other tabs, but the default tab remains unchanged, this is my code:

class DAP(App): title = u'Aplicativo do DAP' # Funções para evitar que o aplicativo desligue ao mudar o foco da tela no celular def on_pause(self): return True def on_resume(self): pass def build(self): self.cor_fonte = (0, 0, 1, 1) self.cor_fundo = (1, 1, 1, 0) #Abas self.painel = TabbedPanel(background_color = self.cor_fundo, default_tab_text=u'Principal') self.aba_resumo = TabbedPanelHeader(text=u'Resumo PC', background_color = self.cor_fundo, color = self.cor_fonte) self.aba_registros = TabbedPanelHeader(text=u'Registros PC', background_color = self.cor_fundo, color = self.cor_fonte) self.painel.add_widget(self.aba_resumo) self.painel.add_widget(self.aba_registros) self.icon = u'logo_dap.png' # Definições iniciais tamx = Window.system_size[0] ; tamy = Window.system_size[1] return self.painel if __name__ in ('__main__','__android__'): DAP().run()

any idea?


The default tab is of type TabbedPanelHeader, so you can use kivy language rules to style it.


It’s important to note that by default, default_tab_cls is of type TabbedPanelHeader and thus has the same properties as other tabs.


You can also simply not have a default tab by setting do_default_tab to False.


Since 1.5.0, it is now possible to disable the creation of the default_tab by setting do_default_tab to False.


For more information read the <a href="https://kivy.org/docs/api-kivy.uix.tabbedpanel.html#customize-the-tabbed-panel" rel="nofollow">documentation</a>.


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