Using the Mechanize gem with the Nokogirl gem?


I'm trying to scrape a website that requires authentication to get an element on a page with an id of #cellTotal.

Right now, using Mechanize I have logged into the page I want to access, but using basic Nokogiri functions like:

@selector = page.css("#cellTotal").text

Gives me this error:

undefined method `css' for #<Mechanize::Page:0x61234f8>

Here is what I have so far:

agent = Mechanize.new agent.get("example.com") agent.page.forms[0]["username_field"] = "username" agent.page.forms[0]["password_field"] = "password" agent.page.forms[0].submit @selector = agent.page.css("#cellTotal").text

How can I select an element on this page?


You can use page.parser to gain access to the underlying Nokogiri object.

<a href="http://mechanize.rubyforge.org/Mechanize/Page.html#method-i-parser" rel="nofollow">http://mechanize.rubyforge.org/Mechanize/Page.html#method-i-parser</a>

require 'mechanize' agent = Mechanize.new agent.get("http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23064821/using-the-mechanize-gem-with-the-nokogirl-gem/") agent.page.parser.class # => Nokogiri::HTML::Document agent.page.parser.css("#answer-23065003 .user-details a").text # => "akatakritos"


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