Terraform: How to append the server count and assign servers to multiple AZ's?



resource "aws_instance" "service" { ami = "${lookup(var.aws_winamis, var.awsregion)}" count = "${var.count}" key_name = "${var.key_name}" instance_type = "t2.medium" subnet_id = "${aws_subnet.private.id}" # private_ip = "${lookup(var.server_instance_ips, count.index)}" vpc_security_group_ids = ["${aws_security_group.private-sg.id}"] associate_public_ip_address = false availability_zone = "${var.awsregion}a" tags { Name = "${format("server-%01d", count.index + 1)}" Environment = "${var.environment}" } }


variable "awsregion" {default =""} variable "count" {default = ""} variable "server_instance_ips" {default = ""}


server_instance_ips = ["", ""] #doesn't work as a list but works with single IP address count = "4" awsregion = "us-east-1"

I want the servers to have tags - dla-server-1/2/3/4 after they're created but with my above code I can only do server-1/2/3/4 but not dla/sla/pla depending on the environments; IP addresses are randomly assigned to the servers as I'm not able to pass the list of IP's and lastly, how can I create servers in different AZ's i.e. 2 servers in AZ1a and 2 servers in AZ1b?


The first answer is easy: add the prefix in the tag name.

tags { Name = "${var.environment}-${format("server-%01d", count.index + 1)}" Environment = "${var.environment}" }

You need to specify the type of the variable to be a list:

variable "server_instance_ips" { type = "list" default = [] }

The last question can be solved in many ways, I would go for something similar

availability_zone = "${data.aws_availability_zones.available.names[count.index]}"


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