prevent laravel link_to_action to perform on double click


In my laravel project controller i wrote a code for approve and reject appointments. on rejecting the appointment the entry will be deleted from database and redirect again to the listing table.

i used this code in reject section

html_entity_decode(link_to_action('AdminController@getAtoggle', '<img src="'.$icon2.'"alt=asknow width=20 height=20/>',array($data['appointment_id'],2),array('title'=>'Click Me For Reject','ondblclick' => "event.preventDefault();")));

But still when double clicks " Trying to get property of non-object " error is showing. I clearly know this occurs because , on first click the entry is deleted from database so the second click there is no entry to delete in db. but in case the user double clicks i don't want to show them this error message or 404 page.

so is there any way to prevent double clicks. i tried "alert" in "ondblclick" but that shows both alert and error page.


I think the problem is you're trying to use event before it's been initialised.

Try move the code from the <a> tag to your JS files, try this jQuery

$( "#target" ).dblclick(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); });

I'm passing in event into the callback so you can run preventDefault().


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