Download a thubnails of an image using Dropbox API for php


I made a script where I download the images from a dropbox folder to my computer using PHP. What I try to do now is to download thumbnail of the images instead of the whole image. For this I use the: GetThumbNail method from the Dropbox API. Here is part of the code:

// download the files $f = fopen($img_name, "w+b"); $fileMetadata = $dbxClient->getThumbnail($path, 'jpeg','xl'); fclose($f);

When I run this the images I get are 0 size and they have no content. Any ideas what I am missing? Thanks D.


$f = fopen($img_name, 'w+b'); $thumbnailData = $dbxClient->getThumbnail($path, 'jpeg', 'xl'); fwrite($f, $thumbnailData); fclose($f);


You're opening and closing $f without ever writing anything into it.

<a href="http://dropbox.github.io/dropbox-sdk-php/api-docs/v1.1.x/class-Dropbox.Client.html#_getThumbnail" rel="nofollow">getThumbnail</a> returns an array with two elements: the metadata for the file and the thumbnail data.

So I think you'll want something like this:

$f = fopen($img_name, 'w+b'); list($fileMetadata, $thumbnailData) = $dbxClient->getThumbnail($path, 'jpeg', 'xl'); fwrite($f, $thumbnailData); fclose($f);


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