Clojure: enlive deftemplate can't use snippet


I'm trying to create template that produces table with some data in it. Data comes from a map defined in msh-contents.

(require '[net.cgrand.enlive-html :as html]) (def msh-contents {:title "Events mashup", :data-content [{:title "ICTM Study Group ", :url "http://some-url.com"} {:title "Volodja Balzalorsky - Hinko Haas", :url "http://some- other-url.com"} ]}) ;; define snippets based on some divs in the template (html/defsnippet header-cell (template-div) [:div.Heading :div.Cell][value] (html/content value)) (html/defsnippet value-cell (template-div) [:div.Row :div.Cell] [value] (html/content value)) ;; define a template (html/deftemplate mshp "index.html" [cont] [:div.Heading] (html/content (for [c (keys (first (:data-content cont)))] (header-cell (name c)))) [:div.Row] (html/content (map #(value-cell %) (for[e (:data-content cont)] (vals e)))))

So, callling the template in REPL

(mshp msh-contents)

Produces error: IllegalArgumentException ArityException Wrong number of args (0) passed to: PersistentArrayMap clojure.lang.AFn.throwArity (AFn.java:437), and its probably because snippets produces LazySeq.


This might be really dumb, but the code works perfectly fine for me. The only difference I made was represent your html as hiccup notation then converting to nodes which is equivalent to just giving it a html file(I do this because I still haven't figured out how exactly html-resource works and not sure where I can put the file). Working code below:

(require '[net.cgrand.enlive-html :as h]) (def msh-contents {:title "Events mashup", :data-content [{:title "ICTM Study Group ", :url "http://some-url.com"} {:title "Volodja Balzalorsky - Hinko Haas", :url "http://some- other-url.com"}]}) (defn template-div [] (h/html [:div {:class "Table"} [:div {:class "Title"} [:p "This is a Table"]] [:div {:class "Heading"} [:div {:class "Cell"} [:p "Heading 1"]]] [:div {:class "Row"} [:div {:class "Cell"} [:p "Row 1 Column 1"]]]])) (defn index [] (h/html [:html [:div {:class "Table"} [:div {:class "Title"} [:p "This is a Table"]] [:div {:class "Heading"} [:div {:class "Cell"} [:p "Heading 1"]]] [:div {:class "Row"} [:div {:class "Cell"} [:p "Row 1 Column 1"]]]]])) (h/defsnippet header-cell (template-div) [:div.Heading :div.Cell] [value] (h/content value)) (h/defsnippet value-cell (template-div) [:div.Row :div.Cell] [value] (h/content value)) (h/deftemplate mshp (index) [cont] [:div.Heading] (h/content (for [c (keys (first (:data-content cont)))] (header-cell (name c)))) [:div.Row] (h/content (map #(value-cell %) (for[e (:data-content cont)] (vals e)))))

Final Result:

(clojure.string/join (mshp msh-contents)) => "<html><div class=\"Table\"><div class=\"Title\">

This is a Table

</div><div class=\"Heading\"><div class=\"Cell\">title</div><div class=\"Cell\">url</div></div><div class=\"Row\"><div class=\"Cell\">ICTM Study Group http://some-url.com</div><div class=\"Cell\">Volodja Balzalorsky - Hinko Haashttp://some- other-url.com</div></div></div></html>"

Perhaps you're giving defsnippet a bad source when doing (template-div). defsnippet and deftemplate both take nodes. When you give them a file like "index.html", it converts the file into nodes.


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