change web application authentication to use Windows Authentication


I'm trying to publish my web application on IIS 8.5, but I'm getting this error when the application tries to retrieve data from the SQL Server 2008.

InnerException: {Message:An error has occurred., ExceptionMessage:Login failed for user 'domainname\WES-JXC2J02$'.,…} ExceptionMessage: "Login failed for user 'domainname\WES-JXC2J02$'."

The SQL Server doesn't have WES-JXC2J02$ listed as the authorized user because it's my dev machine name. If I try to add the machine name as user in SQL Server it gives me an error because there's no such user in the domain. I want to use Windows Authentication which is set to enable in IIS. What can I do to fix it?


So, apparently, as @MikeCheel said, it was forwarding my machine credentials to the SQL Server to retrieve the data from the database. Turned out, I needed to create a new login in SQL Server with limited access, then add the user id and password in the connectionString. I learnt it the hard way that SQL Server must have SQL and Windows Authentication enabled. Once that was configured, connection was setup and the data displayed properly.


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