Inserting in the middle of a doubly linked list- Python


I am new to stackoverflow and the Python language and have a question. I know how to implement a singly linked list in Python but am having trouble with doubly linked list, more specifically inserting into the middle of the doubly linked list. Can anyone help me with code to do this? Thank you


Me also, I'm new to Python, but I hope I can help you. So if I got your question correctly, suppose you have some (classic) linked list implementation like this:

# Simple LinkedList class class LinkedList: def __init__(self, data, prev=None, next=None): self.data = data self.prev = prev self.next = next # Just a string representation def __str__(self): if self.next: return '%s %s' % (str(self.data), self.next.__str__()) else: return '%s' % str(self.data)

You can easily insert an element to middle, knowing the linked list's ends, by iterating simultaneously from the ends to middle. When the iterators intersect, you add your element:

# Insert to middle logic def insertToMiddle(data, left, right): # Iterate while True: # Test for intersection if left.next is right: node = LinkedList(data, left, right) left.next = node right.prev = node return elif left is right: node = LinkedList(data, left.prev, right.next) left.next = node right.next.prev = node return # Next iteration left = left.next right = right.prev # This doesn't actually execute for a right call if not left or not right: return

Below, you can see a linked list creation, and its representation, before and after the insertion:

# Sample list creation node1 = LinkedList(1) node2 = LinkedList(2,node1) node3 = LinkedList(3,node2) node4 = LinkedList(4,node3) node1.next = node2 node2.next = node3 node3.next = node4 # Test print node1 insertToMiddle(5, node1, node4) print node1 insertToMiddle(6, node1, node4) print node1 insertToMiddle(7, node1, node4) print node1


1 2 3 4 #initial 1 2 5 3 4 #inserted 5 1 2 5 6 3 4 #inserted 6, notice it's right to middle 1 2 5 7 6 3 4 #inserted 7

Remark: If your list has an odd number of elements (say 2 3 4), inserting to middle is somehow undefined, so the above function will add immediately to middle's right (2 3 elem 4)


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