linking error2005 visual studio 2008 c++


I had struct errorStruct & a queue errQueue definition in yacc.y , then moved it to separate .h file<br /> but it gives me linking error that the definition is found in both yacc.obj and node.obj !!<br /> tried creating new solution but still gives the same error

Error 9 error LNK2005: "class std::queue<struct errorStruct,class std::deque<struct errorStruct,class std::allocator<struct errorStruct> > > errQueue" (?errQueue@@3V?$queue@UerrorStruct@@V? $deque@UerrorStruct@@V?$allocator@UerrorStruct@@@std@@@std@@@std@@A) already defined in Node.obj yacc.obj <h3>update</h3>

first :<br /> Node.h // for node class<br /> yacc.y // rules + errorStruct + queue errQueue + class ErrList : includes "Node.h" & < queue>


Node.h // for node class + errorStruct + queue errQueue + class ErrList : includes < queue><br /> yacc.y // rules : includes "Node.h"


in Node.h

struct errorStruct{ int errLineNum; int errColNum ; char * errMessage; }; class ErrList{ public: void pushError(int line,int col,char * message); void popError(); void printErrors(); int getSize(); private : queue <errorStruct> errQueue; }; externErrList * se = new ErrList ();

the rest of Node.h has nothing to do with this class<br /> in yacc.y just using<br />se->pushError(...);<br /> and as no declaration of class ErrList or errQueue


I believe you should organize the code as:

yacc.h //-----> should have declaration of errQueue & errorStruct yacc.cc //-----> should include yacc.h, //It can create variables of type errQueue & errorStruct node.cc //-----> should include yacc.h //It can create variables of type errQueue & errorStruct

Note that the declarations should only be present in yacc.h and it should be included in all your cc files which need to create instances of the said types, If the structures are declared in any of your cc file in addition to the header(yacc.h) then you will end up getting the redefinition errors you mentiones.


opss! I forgot to post the answer .. sorry ..

got it with the help of @Peter K.'s reference :

go to VS : project -> property page -> configuration properties -> linker ->command line

and add /FORCE:MULTIPLE in additional options box


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