How to query for oneway flights using the Sabre Insta Flights Search REST API?


What query params do I need to pass to search for oneway flights only using the Sabre Insta Flights Search REST API?

I get an error from the service if I do not include a returndate param. If I do include a returndate, I get roundtrip flights in the result.



Not every market has one-way flights loaded, specially in TEST. For instance, US does not currently support one-ways with InstaFlights.

As an example, the following RQ will yield resulsts in PROD, but not in TEST.



As an option to Instaflight, Sabre REST Bargain Finder Max is a Live Air Shopping API, that support both One-Way, Roundtrip and Multi Desti Flight Searches.

<a href="https://developer.sabre.com/docs/read/rest_apis/air/search/bargain_finder_max" rel="nofollow">https://developer.sabre.com/docs/read/rest_apis/air/search/bargain_finder_max</a>


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