string replacement in unix


Need a solution on how to solve this using SED or AWK command in UNIX.

I have a source file whose values have to be populated as following. (Values must be fetched from a reference file and update the source file).

Source file:

aaaa Uid=xxxx pwd=nnnn bbbb uid=yyyy pwd=eeee cccc uid=zzzz pwd=kkkk

Reference file:

block, parameter, value aaaa, uid, 1a1a aaaa, pwd, 1b1b bbbb, uid, 2a2a bbbb, pwd, 2b2b cccc, uid, 3a3a cccc, pwd, 3b3b

Output File:

aaaa Uid=1a1a pwd=1b1b bbbb uid=2a2a pwd=2b2b cccc uid=3a3a pwd=3b3b


For aaaa, SED must search for Uid within line number 1 and 3 and replace the value which is after the "=". Ie, xxxx with 1a1a.

For bbbb,SED must search for Uid within line number 5 and 7 and replace the value which is after the "=". Ie, yyyy with 2a2a.

Similarly for other parameters.



sed is for simple substitutions on individual lines. For any other text manipulation you should be using awk:

$ cat tst.awk BEGIN { FS = "[,[:space:]=]+" } NR==FNR { if (NR>1) { map[$1,$2] = $3 } next } { if (NF==1) { key = $0 } else { $0 = $1 "=" map[key,tolower($1)] } print } $ awk -f tst.awk ref.txt src.txt aaaa Uid=1a1a pwd=1b1b bbbb uid=2a2a pwd=2b2b cccc uid=3a3a pwd=3b3b


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