how to sync data in multiplayer game(game-center ios)


I have been developing a game for Game Center.

<strong>Description of game :-</strong>

One player is initiator of game because game has 5 tiled-map (only one tile-map is selected randomly by either player(initiator)) . Initiator will send selected tile-map to second player, Now this tile-map will draw on second player side.(at this point both player have same tile-map)

This is work fine when I start game by sending invitation to player.

but when I start game by "automatch" , I am not able to find that who will be the initiator(who will send randomly selected tile-map).

I have made one player initiator by this code:

isThisInvited_Player = YES; [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:NOTIFICATION_INVITATION_ACCEPTED object:nil]; - (void)authenticationChanged { if ([GKLocalPlayer localPlayer].isAuthenticated && !userAuthenticated) { userAuthenticated = TRUE; [GKMatchmaker sharedMatchmaker].inviteHandler = ^(GKInvite *acceptedInvite, NSArray *playersToInvite) { isThisInvited_Player = YES; self.pendingInvite = acceptedInvite; self.pendingPlayersToInvite = playersToInvite; [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] postNotificationName:NOTIFICATION_INVITATION_ACCEPTED object:nil]; }; } else if (![GKLocalPlayer localPlayer].isAuthenticated && userAuthenticated) { userAuthenticated = FALSE; } }

if data sync is not possible in "automatch", then please tell me , how can I disable the automatch(Play) button in game-center-view-controller.


You could pick who the initiator is by sorting the two players by their playerIDs and then always have the first one in the sorted array be the initiator.


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