OpenMP creates only one thread


I use Ubuntu and write several lines of code.But it creates only one thread. When I run on my terminal the nproc command, the output is 2. My code is below

int nthreads, tid; #pragma omp parallel private(tid) { tid = omp_get_thread_num(); printf("Thread = %d\n", tid); /* for only main thread */ if (tid == 0) { nthreads = omp_get_num_threads(); printf("Number of threads = %d\n", nthreads); } }

The output:

Thread = 0 Number of threads = 1

How can I do parallelism?


If you are using gcc/g++ you must make sure you enable openmp extensions with the -fopenmp <strong>compiler</strong> and <strong>linker</strong> options. Specifying it during linking will link in the appropriate library (-lgomp).

Compile with something like:

g++ -fopenmp myfile.c -o exec


g++ -c myfile.c -fopenmp g++ -o exec myfile.o -fopenmp

If you leave out the -fopenmp compile option your program will compile but it will run as if openmp wasn't being used. If your program doesn't use omp_set_num_threads to set the number of threads they can be set from the command line:


I think the default is is generally the number of cores on a particular system.


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