UnboundLocalError: local variable 'url' referenced before assignment


I'm trying to get this code working, but it keeps coming up with the error in the title. I don't get it. The function "url" is set before the "get_media" function, and the same function call thing works with other functions I've set, but it says otherwise. I've looked at similar question's answers, but I cannot understand any of them, because the answers are designed around their complicated code, and they offer up no proper explanation as to how it works.

def url(path): if path.find("?") != -1: pre = "&" else: pre = "?" return protocol +"://" +host +base_path +path +pre +"access_token=" +access_token def get_media(insta_id, max_id=None): insta_id = str(insta_id) path = url("/users/%s/media/recent/") # ERROR COMES UP HERE if max_id is not None: path = path +"&max_id=%s" % max_id url = urllib.request.urlopen(path) url = url.read().decode("utf-8") url = json.loads(url) return url

Any help appreciated. Tell me if you need more code to work with.



You assign to a local variable called "url" later in your function. Because of that, Python treats <em>every</em> reference to "url" within that function as local. But of course you haven't defined that local variable yet, hence the error.

Use a different name for the local "url" variable. (It's never a URL anyway, so you should definitely use a better name.)


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