C++ sizeof integral types


I have heard from books, presentation about minimal size for integral types in C/C++

Sizes below are in bytes:

<ul><li>sizeof(char) >= 1</li> <li>sizeof(short) >= 2</li> <li>sizeof(long) >= 4</li> <li>sizeof(long long) >= 8</li> </ul>

But I cannot find those guarantees in standards. So are there any guarantees required by compilers to implement defined in standards C++98 / C++2003 / C89 / C99?


Because there are none. Standard defines only some basic guarantees and requirements regarding values. You can find them <a href="http://www.open-std.org/JTC1/SC22/WG14/www/docs/n1256.pdf" rel="nofollow">in this document</a> on page 33:

<strong> Sizes of integer types .</strong>

You can be sure, that:

sizeof(char) ≤ sizeof(short) ≤ sizeof(int) ≤ sizeof(long) ≤ sizeof(long long)


sizeof(float) ≤ sizeof(double) ≤ sizeof(long double)


<ul><li>sizeof(char) is guaranteed to be 1</li> <li>sizeof(char) == sizeof(signed char) == sizeof(unsigned char)</li> </ul>

Also, on most platforms:

<ul><li>sizeof(char) = 1</li> <li>sizeof(short) = 2</li> <li>sizeof(int) = 4</li> <li>sizeof(long) = 4</li> <li>sizeof(long long) = 8 (1)</li> </ul><hr />

(1) long long is not a standard type. GCC and VC++ have supported it for a long time now, but official support came with C++ 11:

<a href="http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/types" rel="nofollow">C++: Fundamental Types</a>


long long - target type will have width of at least 64 bits. <em>(since C++11)</em>


Note, that even if sizeof(char) is guaranteed to be 1, it doesn't mean, that char is 8 bit long. CHAR_BIT defines number of bits in char type. These days, almost all architectures use 8 bits per byte, but some older architectures used to have 7.


That's not correct, your values are multiplied by 8. (Note that a sizeof 1 doesn't necessarily mean 8 bits, the number of bits in a char is CHAR_BIT - most likely 8 though).

The sizeof(char) is guaranteed to be 1. (as well as unsigned char and signed char).

Other than that,


The result of sizeof applied to any other fundamental type (3.9.1) is implementation-defined. <strong>(5.3.3 Sizeof)</strong>


There are ordering restrictions along the lines of sizeof(char) <= sizeof(int) <= sizeof(long long).


Here what The C++ Programming Language Fourth Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup says about the matter.

Sizes of C++ objects are expressed in terms of multiples of the size of a char, so by definition the size of a char is 1.

• 1 ≡ sizeof(char) ≤ sizeof(short) ≤ sizeof(int) ≤ sizeof(long) ≤ sizeof(long long) • 1 ≤ sizeof(bool) ≤ sizeof(long) • sizeof(char) ≤ sizeof(wchar_t) ≤ sizeof(long) • sizeof(float) ≤ sizeof(double) ≤ sizeof(long double) • sizeof(N) ≡ sizeof(signed N) ≡ sizeof(unsigned N)

In that last line, N can be char, short, int, long, or long long. In addition, it is guaranteed that a char has at least 8 bits, a short at least 16 bits, and a long at least 32 bits


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