select all rows from table 1 and mark rows that exist in table 2


I have a table of suppliers (id, name, address)

I have another table linking suppliers with customers (accredited_suppliers-> supplier_id, customer_id)

I want to select all suppliers with an identifier showing if there is a relationship with the customer (customer_id)

i.e. results would look like:


id, name, address, customer_link 1, name1, address1, null 2, name2, address2, Yes 3, name3, address3, null 4, name4, address4, Yes

Some more information:

Supplier Table: id name ... ...

Customer Table: id name ... ...

AccreditedSuppliers Tables: id customer_id supplier id

e.g. I want all suppliers, with a column flagging all suppliers linked to customer id=100


SELECT t1.*, IF(count(`t2`.`customer_id`) > 0, 'yes', NULL) as customer_link FROM `suppliers` AS `t1` LEFT JOIN `accredited_suppliers` AS `t2` ON `t2`.`supplier_id` = `t1`.`id`


You're either looking for a list of suppliers who have a customer

SELECT * FROM suppliers WHERE supplier_id IN ( SELECT supplier_id FROM customers );

Or you are looking to have a join, depending on the way the relation ship works you'll need to figure out what type of join you want, e.g is the relationship 1-1, 1-m, n-m?


SELECT id, name, address, customer_id as customer_link FROM suppliers LEFT JOIN accredited_suppliers ON suppliers.id=accredited_suppliers.supplier_id


Hope this should work -

select id, name, address, (case when exists(select 'x' from linkedtable where id in (supplier_id)) then 'Yes' else null end) as customer_link from suppliers


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