Check to see if 8 comboboxes contain values that match one another excluding null


How do I check to see if any of my 8 comboboxes match one another all at once (excluding null values of course, because they are all null when the form loads)? At the moment I have only figured out how to do it for the current and next one. In the case where there is a match, I want to clear the values of all the other comboboxes apart from the one in focus i.e. currentDropDown.

Code below:

Private Sub Form_Load() cboOption2.Enabled = False cboOption3.Enabled = False cboOption4.Enabled = False cboOption6.Enabled = False cboOption7.Enabled = False cboOption8.Enabled = False cboOption1.Value = Null cboOption2.Value = Null cboOption3.Value = Null cboOption4.Value = Null cboOption5.Value = Null cboOption6.Value = Null cboOption7.Value = Null cboOption8.Value = Null End Sub Sub rTotal(currentDropDown, nextDropDown) If (currentDropDown.Value = nextDropDown.Value) Then MsgBox "You cannot select the same value twice." currentDropDown.Value = Null End If End Sub Private Sub cboOption1_Change() Call rTotal(cboOption1, cboOption2) End Sub Private Sub cboOption2_Change() Call rTotal(cboOption2, cboOption3) End Sub Private Sub cboOption3_Change() Call rTotal(cboOption3, cboOption4) End Sub Private Sub cboOption4_Change() Call rTotal(cboOption4, cboOption5) End Sub Private Sub cboOption5_Change() Call rTotal(cboOption5, cboOption6) End Sub Private Sub cboOption6_Change() Call rTotal(cboOption6, cboOption7) End Sub Private Sub cboOption7_Change() Call rTotal(cboOption7, cboOption8) End Sub Private Sub cboOption8_Change() Call rTotal(cboOption8, cboOption8) End Sub


You need to loop through the collection of comboboxes and check currently selected value to the others.

Sub CheckValue(ByVal currCombobox As ComboBox) Dim ctl As Control, cmb As ComboBox For Each ctl In Me.Controls If ctl.ControlType = acComboBox Then Set cmb = ctl If (currCombobox.Value = cmb.Value) And (Not currCombobox Is cmb) Then MsgBox "Cannot select it twice!" & vbcr & vbcr & _ currCombobox.Name & " = " & cmb.Name End If End If Next ctl Set ctl = Nothing End Sub


Private Sub CombBox30_Change() CheckValue CombBox30 End Sub


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